Rough Seminar #1

Rough Seminar #1: The Utopia listening session / When a book becomes a message

Monday, October 9, 2017 / 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Presentations and works by Tatiana Fiodorova and Brandon LaBelle

Kunsthall 3,14, Vaagsallmenningen 12, 5014 Bergen, NORWAY

Rough Seminar #1 is centered around the work of Tatiana Fiodorova, an artist from Moldova working with questions of social and political history, particularly in relation to the post-Soviet transition. For the seminar Fiodorova will focus on her artist’s books, which are one of her most prevalent means of expression. This will include presenting a “pop up” exhibition of her publications IN search of the social body of Soviet artistSoviet Passport, and Factory Steaua Rosie, Bessarabia and Inhabitants and Toilet Paper Maps from Prague, Vienna, Bucharest. For Fiodorova, the artist’s book is a medium that allows for the presentation of different artistic practices.

Preceding Fiodorova’s presentation, a listening session is organized by Brandon LaBelle. Focusing on histories and narratives of utopian communities and their poetic-ethos as found in musical and lyrical expressions, the session invites audiences to engage in a collective listening of related audio documents and song.