Communiqué #0

The sun has gone down!
 The night is upon us!
 The time of drunkeness and fantasy, the time of wolves and of dreamers!
 The hour of the encounter!

Shall we play dead? 
Shall we run?
 Shall we find the exit?
 Shall we continue to dream?

To the Imaginaries – of the foreclosed and the hopeful, the dreamy-eyed and the tenacious – we gather here alongside the mountains and the sea, to make a claim onto the future horizon of a possible resistance. A possible construction.

To vote for each other.

Shall we honor the fallen? Shall we storm the gates? Shall we capture the flag? Shall we wait?

Pause Hesitate Occupy

Gather Exchange Plot and Plan

Shall we scratch the surface, or dig deep?
 Shall we create another territory?

Shall we hold hands? To carry the weight… Together

Shall we turn the other way? Shall we strike? 
Shall we refuse to pay the rent? Shall we build an underground culture, secret?

To the Imaginaries – of the enstated and the stateless, the papered and the paperless – let us announce with trembling heart the making of spaces of hope.


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